Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artistic Stone Stairway added to Lodge House property

This past week, stones of all shapes and sizes were gathered from Abram's Creek and the surrounding property to build a stone staircase along the side of the Abram's Creek Lodge House. Expert Landscaper and Gardener Kate Wolfe, built the stairs as part of a labor exchange program where she lived and ate for free at the Lodge House in exchange for a couple of hours of labor per day. She began this ambitious and overdue project on a Monday, with the help of our Caretaker and resident Sweat Lodge Facilitator, Cesar Plaza (aka Lightning Wolf). Kate and Cesar jointly gathered stones from the property and creek using our Farm Vehicle Ford F150 to haul the sometimes massive stones.
Stone by stone, as if assembling a jig-saw puzzle, Kate laid the stones in place while maintaining a curved pathway up the hill. By Thursday evening, the project was complete, just in time for a weekend wedding being hosted on the Lodge House property. Solar lighting was added, flowers, annuals, and perennials planted and a few pieces of forest tree root were carefully placed for the final look shown in the photos above. A truly masterful work of art on Kate's part and we thank this very ambitious labor exchange friend of Abram's Creek Campground.
More photos of both the stone staircase and the Lodge House can be viewed at:

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